Motherhood in the Bible

Motherhood is a great honor, but it doesn’t always bring up great memories for everyone. Today is a day to appreciate and celebrate mother’s, but it requires an extra level of sensitivity. View Full Service Throughout the Bible, you can find a variety of women who dealt with motherhood’s struggles. When you engage people with […]

God is Spirit and Person

God is Spirit and Person

God can have relationship, commitments, promises, and plans. He bears the same thing that we have, but at another level as spirit and person. View Full Service God is the eternally perfect uncreated Creator Who is sustainer and ruler of all things. He is one God eternally existing, co-equally in three persons, namely the Father, the […]

A Prayer of Desperation

A prayer of desperation will bend God’s ear to His children. Prayer, praise, undeterred belief will get you through the darkest hours. View Full Service God’s people are blessed. God has blessed His people richly. That isn’t to say we do not live in a world under a curse. We will meet hardships and circumstances […]