Our Passion is Christ! Our mission is people!

our passion

Our passion is to reach people through the message of the cross. We know the message must extend far beyond the walls of the church building through personal witness. Our drive leads us to encourage those of like faith by creating an environment of growth in our Pentecostal worship. Our passion leads us to develop servant leaders, educate them and enlist volunteers through the teaching of God’s Word, prayer, personal relationship, and cooperate devotion to God’s cause. This cause presents us with the opportunity to enrich the lives of people all around us, those fortunate and unfortunate, by being light and salt in the world. This action brings us to our mission, to go into all the world and preach the gospel to everyone and expand His kingdom. Our passion is fervent, the mission is clear and our prayer is that He would find us faithful.

“Reach every available person, by every available means, at every available time.”