Dynamic Pentecostal Sermons

Powerful Pentecostal sermons preached with excitement and enthusiasm. Audience is free to respond to a Holy Spirit inspired Word from God. Our hope is that you will receive a Word from the Lord that will speak to you. We invite you to listen to and share any message.

Vessel of Honor

Being A Vessel of Honor

You can be a vessel of honor. God wants us to be set apart, honorable, and willing to be shaped so He can accomplish things through us and for Him. It's all about serving God. Watch Full Service God is bound to His Word, and He will never contradict His ... Listen to Sermon
God's Vessels Are Not Part to the Cancel Culture

God’s Vessels Are Not Part of the Cancel Culture

 If God is the creator, He is the one to make the final cancellation. We are God's vessels for His work that cannot be cancelled. Something cannot be cancelled but by the person who created it. View Full Service God's Vessel Paul Vessels used of God are all different with ... Listen to Sermon
Fear Not

Fear Not If You Be Risen with Christ

Jesus is what's right for all your wrongs, is the message to a fearful, secular, and anti-Christian world. The Bible tells of these times of unprecedented knowledge and technology. It also says there will be great fear. View Full Service What is the message to a fearful, secular, and anti-Christian ... Listen to Sermon
Your King is Coming

Your King is Coming!

Jesus was not what the Jews expected to be their promised King. God doesn't always answer us the way we expect or hope He will. He will always answer the way best for us. View Full Service Prophecy Fulfilled The church that recognizes Jesus as the rightful heir to the ... Listen to Sermon
God Looks For the Fruit

God Looks For the Fruit

Step out in faith to be fruitful and not hidden. God is happy when we try impossible things. Faith is believing through God we can do impossible things.  View Full Service Jesus said, "Come!" when Peter saw Him walking in the water in the storm and wished to go to Him ... Listen to Sermon
Jesus Bore Our Cross

Jesus Bore Our Cross

Jesus is our sacrificial lamb that bore our cross having been crucified upon a cross of wood. On God's command for Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac carried the wood for the sacrificial fire.  Watch Full Service Pilot washed his hands of the sentence the Jews wanted Jesus to suffer ... Listen to Sermon
Hold To the Anchor of Hope

Hold to The Anchor of Hope

Hold to the anchor of hope. Culture can skew your views and opinions and pull you from the anchor of hope in Jesus. View Full Service Peter gave 8 speeches in the book of Acts. Seven were given to a Jewish audience. Only one was given to a gentile audience ... Listen to Sermon
Make Jesus Your Cornerstone

Make Jesus Your Cornerstone

Is Jesus your cornerstone? Do you trust Him for everything? Jesus called Peter the precious cornerstone, and preached how we can go to Him in boldness. View Full Service Jerusalem was viewed by Peter as the place where you met and worshipped God. But he was called by Jesus, the ... Listen to Sermon
Kingdom of Priests

Kingdom of Priests

Jesus was made to be sin for us. He took our place at Calvary's cross. He became the justice for our sins. The veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom allowing us to come boldly to the throne and abide in Him and with Him as a ... Listen to Sermon
Your Relationships Matter

Your Relationships Matter

What influence or effect have your relationships had on your life? Friends and family are important but God is the best relationship you can have. How many can you count in your lifetime, young or old. View Full Service This day, Valentine's Day, has become known for showing love to ... Listen to Sermon
Live Above the Snake Line

Live Above the Snake Line

We have a blood line that the devil cannot overtake. Hallelujah! We have the power through Christ to resist and rebuke satan. View Full Service We have accepted the freedom and release from the power of darkness. Our life is now hid in the life of Christ. We have passed ... Listen to Sermon
What We Lost With Adam, We Gained With Jesus

What We Lost With Adam We Gained With Christ

It is God's will that everyone be saved. He has given us all He can to help us make the transformation. He invites all to Him for forgiveness, living water, fullness of life. In Adam all die. Through Christ we can have eternal life. View Full Service In the Levitical ... Listen to Sermon
Pursue Life in Christ

Pursue Life in Christ

The Bible calls us peculiar and one of a kind. You have a priceless, durable, and rare soul given to us by God that will never die or cease to exist. You will decide where it will exist. View Full Service A good work is obedience to the call and ... Listen to Sermon
Prayer for United States of America

Powerful Anointed Prayer for the United States

Powerful anointed prayer for this nation United States of America on January 17, 2021. Excerpt from sermon message "Make an Inner Change".  Isaiah 60:12 Please do something God in this country. Please somehow stay the hand of the enemy. Somehow Lord God by Your mighty hand and Your outstretched arm ... Listen to Sermon
Change of Heart

Make an Inner Change

God expects change to come to us from the inside. From the heart, comes our faith walk. What would your extreme makeover look like? How would you become a better you? God is calling us to the more difficult inward change. View Full Service Listen to the prayer excerpt from ... Listen to Sermon
Answer the Call of God's Transition

Answer the Call for God’s Transition

God is providing for us a new and living way. Old things are passed away and all things become new. We are created to walk in newness of life. There is a transition out of darkness into marvelous light. We can transition from death into a life of freedom and ... Listen to Sermon

Transition Into Something New in 2021

There are many things in 2020 we want to leave behind. Don't forget to draw close to God. Don't forget His word, His blessings in 2020, or your family of believers. View Full Service Isaiah 65:17 17 For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall ... Listen to Sermon
Set Your Sails in 2021

Set Your Sails for 2021

Let God be in control of your life. We have to set our sails and move with a made up mind, determined to travel the direction God sets for you. Watch Full Service The ports of the Mediterranean basin provided the means for long distance travel. When traveling by sea, ... Listen to Sermon
The Forgotten Man of Christmas

The Forgotten Man of Christmas

There is a character that is often forgotten when Christmas comes around. Joseph is the forgotten man of Christmas. He was expectant of a dream to come true that could have been a nightmare but became a blessing. View Full Service Christmas is about when Jesus came to us. But ... Listen to Sermon
Tongues and Interpretation is a message from God to the church

Tongues and Interpretation

Holy Spirit spoken word, tongues and interpretation, to Harvest Church of God December 13, 2020: The Lord says: "For I am still your comfort saith the Lord. They that trust in Me will not be disappointed. They that cast all of their care upon Me shall find relief and shall ... Listen to Sermon
Peace is a Person

Peace is a Person

When God established the garden, He furnished it with peace. He created the garden with the intention of perfect peace void of pain, disappointment, sadness. Adam and Eve believed a lie and lost that peace. Lies are the root of all our troubles and are the the thief of our ... Listen to Sermon
What a Difference Christmas Makes

What a Difference Christmas Makes

God sent His Son! So we are no longer held in bondage. And by His sacrifice we are offered salvation and everlasting life. To celebrate CHRISTmas is to celebrate Jesus coming to earth for us! Watch Full Service *Galatians 4:1-6 A theologian named Dr. Evereck Storms counted all the promises ... Listen to Sermon
Mary expecting Jesus

Blessed Consequences of Christ’s Birth

Elizabeth's Spirit-filled reply to her cousin, Mary, focuses on the blessed consequences of God's grace in sending Jesus for every believer. Watch Full Service Charles Wesley helped his more famous brother, John, start the Methodist movement. As a writer of more than 8,000 hymns, his songwriting played an important part ... Listen to Sermon
Abound in Thanksgiving

Abound in Thanksgiving

A life of thanksgiving is one of the essential guardians of your soul. Being grateful is one of those weapons the devil cannot stand. Imagine your life as a city. A city surrounded by enemy forces aimed to destroy you. And suppose there is a song which the enemy and ... Listen to Sermon
Grace Giving

Do You Practice Grace Giving?

We should be grace dispensers and practice grace giving. God does not want to compete with our possessions. He instructs us to live soberly, righteously, and Godly. View Full Service Live your life in super abounding (above and beyond) faith, speech, and studying God's Word. We prove our sincere love ... Listen to Sermon
/ Pastor Jerry Irwin, SERMONS