Jesus Does Everything Well

Jesus Does Everything Well

Jesus does everything completely and well. Jesus will do well in your life.

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It was common for Jesus to tell observers to tell no one after performing a miracle. Jesus wanted people to put more emphasis on what He was teaching than the miracles He performed. Dependence on miracles can lead to doubt and fear. Dependence on His word will get us through situations that seem to have no answers.

In Mark chapter 7 we are told about a deaf and mute man who was brought to Jesus for a miracle. He seemed to have people who cared about him and had heard of the miracles Jesus had performed. We should surround ourselves with people who will point us to Jesus.

This man could not communicate his needs. Spiritually we too have difficulty communicating. Our natural man must trust what Jesus has done for us. We must take all our troubles to Jesus. He is the only way to receive peace and answers. He is always calling and inviting us to follow Him.

Jesus looked toward heaven as acknowledgement that He and God have all power to meet all needs. He sighed. It is thought that He was expressing sadness in the fall of man bringing on limitations and spiritual chains. Jesus has compassion for our needs. He is near to those with broken hearts. He cares about our pain and suffering.

Jesus touched this man with His spit. There are several instances where Jesus used a process in which He was demonstrating a joining of His body with a person in need of His healing power. Having all power Jesus commanded “Be opened”. Instantly the man’s tongue was loosed and he spoke plainly. He could hear for the first time in his life.

The Holy Spirit will be a spring of living water within you. His Spirit will be within you. It will abide in you. Jesus does everything completely and well. The people who took their friend to Jesus were overwhelmed with amazement and declared Jesus does everything well. Jesus will do well in your life. There can be no more sorrow and no more sighing.