Harvest Homeschool Graduation Requirements

Harvest Homeschool is not a state accredited school, but rather we offer coverage for parents who want to teach their children from home. We offer 2 different diploma options: Academic Achievement Diploma and Life Skils Diploma. The Harvest Homeschool Graduation Requirements are listed for each. Lack of accreditation should not hinder the acceptance of our diploma or transcripts for higher education.


  • ENGLISH-4 Units of credit
  • HISTORY-4 Units of credit  (World History, Am. History 1, Am. History 2, Government/Economics in succession according to ALSDE)
  • SCIENCE-4 Units of credit  (1 unit must be Biology)
  • MATH-4 Units of credit
  • ELECTIVES-9 units of credit — should include:

*1 credit Foreign Language
*1 credit Physical Education
*1 credit Health
*1 credit Bible

TOTAL OF 25 Units of Credits


This diploma is offered to those students who plan to enter a certain occupation or life skill that does not require a college degree (i.e. homemaker, trade skill, etc.) Requirements for this diploma are as follows:

  • ENGLISH-4 units of credit
  • MATH-3 Units of credit
  • HISTORY-4 Units of credit (World History, Am. History 1, Am. History 2, Government/Economics in succession according to ALSDE)
  • SCIENCE-2 Units of credit
  • ELECTIVES-11 Units of Credit–should include:

*1 credit Health
*1 credit Bible
*1 credit Physical Education

TOTAL OF 24 Units of Credits

Please note that certain fees may apply to cover the cost of diploma and/or graduation ceremony. All graduation information will be sent out to those students who we have enrolled in the 12th grade only.

We recommend recording classes on our Graduation Checklist beginning in the 9th grade. You can also look at Alabama State Department graduation requirements here.

Electives may include but are not limited to: Literature, Home Economics, Physical Education, Art, Drama, Bible, Mechanics, Computer, Typing, Vocational, Sign Language, etc.

Students may earn only 2 credits in each elective course with the exception of Bible and Foreign Languages. Other exceptions must be approved by the school administrator.

**Students cannot begin earning credits toward graduation until the beginning of their 9th grade/Freshman year with the exception of specific math and science courses.**

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