Tongues and Interpretation is a message from God to the church

Tongues and Interpretation Wednesday April 24 2024

Holy Spirit spoken word, tongues and interpretation, to Harvest Church of God Wednesday April 24, 2024:

*I am the lord and I’m in your mist My presents is with and will abide with you. And with My hand I will uphold you.
My hand is upon you. And I long for My people to bask in My presence. I long for My people to call upon Me to allow Me to touch and to minister unto your afflictions and your heartaches and your sorrows. Seek Me for you will find Me ask and you will receive knock and it will opened unto you. For I the Lord love you and I cherish you My people. For My hand is upon you and My grace is administered to you through My son Jesus.
*recalled by memory, no recording for transcribing.