Holy Water

Holy Water God, I’m on my knees againGod, I’m begging please againI need youOh, I need you Walking down these desert roadsWater for my thirsty soulI need youOh, I need you Your forgivenessIs like sweet, sweet honey on my lipsLike the sound of a symphony to my earsLike Holy water on my skin Dead man […]

Prayer for United States of America

Powerful Anointed Prayer for the United States

Powerful anointed prayer for this nation United States of America on January 17, 2021. Excerpt from sermon message “Make an Inner Change“.  Isaiah 60:12 Please do something God in this country. Please somehow stay the hand of the enemy. Somehow Lord God by Your mighty hand and Your outstretched arm would You somehow oh Lord […]

Tongues and Interpretation is a message from God to the church

Tongues and Interpretation December 13 2020

Holy Spirit spoken word, tongues and interpretation, to Harvest Church of God December 13, 2020: The Lord says: “For I am still your comfort saith the Lord. They that trust in Me will not be disappointed. They that cast all of their care upon Me shall find relief and shall find blessing for their soul. […]