Praise and Worship

Living Hope | Mighty Fortress | Hallelujah Here Below

Beautiful Pentecostal Praise and Worship music recorded live from Harvest Church of God in Anniston, Alabama Living Hope, Mighty Fortress, Hallelujah Here Below Living Hope – Praise the One who set me free. Jesus Christ is my living hope. Mighty Fortress – Your kingdom is unshakable, a mighty fortress and a sacred refuge. Hallelujah Here […]

Getting Better

Getting Better

Listen and share today’s sermon “Getting Better”. Pastor Irwin preaches from Numbers 13:23-33, Ephesians, Romans, and Philippians 4:7 God told Moses tell Pharoh “Let My people go” God helps us fix our mess ups Moses was the meekest man on earth Whosoever calls on the name of the Jesus shall be saved We need to […]

The Battle is the Lord's

The Battle Is The LORD’S

Sometimes a battle comes out of nowhere! We may be enjoying life, good health, a good home, strong relationships in our families, and out of nowhere, something we didn’t see coming, just attacks our peace of mind, and what was a blessed life, suddenly becomes bereft with loss, pain, and sorrow. The Battle Is The […]

Church at Laodicea

The Church At Laodicea

Any individual or church who has lost focus on Jesus Christ will as surely sink into the waters of irrelevance as Simon Peter who sank into the waters of the Sea of Galilee. The Church At Laodicea Along with Heirapolis and Colossae, Laodicea was one of the cities in the fertile Lycus Valley. The great […]

Searching for Significance

Searching For Significance

Dr. Billy Graham was one of the most influential evangelists of our time.  He gets all of the credit he deserves.  Everyone knows who he is.  He is essentially “Peter” in our story.  But behind every “Peter” is an “Andrew”.  One of the greatest factors that drives me to press on in my life is […]

The Seven Candlesticks-The Church at Philadelphia

The Church in Philadelphia

Today’s message “The Church at Philadelphia” is the fifth in the series of messages, THE SEVEN CHURCHES OF ASIA. At first glance, we notice that this church, along with Thyatira, receives no rebuke, but commendation as a faithful church that patiently seeks the truth and earnestly follows the Lord Jesus wherever He goes. So in […]

The Sacrifice Of A Red Heifer

The Sacrifice Of A Red Heifer

The Sacrifice Of A Red Heifer The imagery of the red heifer is yet another foreshadowing of the sacrifice of Christ for believers’ sin. The Lord Jesus was “without blemish,” just as the red heifer was to be. He knew no sin. No guile was found in His mouth. He was the Spotless Lamb of […]