Prayer for United States of America

Powerful Anointed Prayer for the United States

Powerful anointed prayer for this nation United States of America on January 17, 2021. Excerpt from sermon message “Make an Inner Change“. 

Isaiah 60:12

Please do something God in this country. Please somehow stay the hand of the enemy. Somehow Lord God by Your mighty hand and Your outstretched arm would You somehow oh Lord touch this nation once again? You brought this nation into existence. This nation oh Lord owes its very survival to Your hand of deliverance. You’ve brought us oh Lord this far by grace. Please oh Lord Jesus heal the wounds and please heal oh Lord the terrible affliction. God heal this country from the pandemic. Heal this country oh God by Your might and by Your power. And oh God I pray that this country would repent before You. I pray oh God this morning that a spirit of conviction would settle upon our leaders. And they would realize their need of repentance. And they would realize their need of calling on God. I pray oh God that the pulpits of this country would be awakened. I pray that men oh Lord that have conviction would stand in the pulpit and declare the Word of the Lord. I pray oh God that every medium that can be used to send the message and raise up the Lord Jesus as the answer to all of the ill and all of the hurt. I pray oh God that You would grant us every avenue, every available means at every available time to tell every available person that Jesus saves and Jesus heals. Oh Lord don’t let Your church cower behind closed doors. Don’t let Your church become a none entity. Don’t let Your church oh Lord become a lack of strength and powerless, anemic entity. Don’t let Your church of Lord sit on the sidelines and watch people perish and go to hell. God please bring about a stirring of Your spirit. God please bring about something in this country that would cause this country to seek God. For You said in Your Word that if will not serve You we would perish. You said the wicked will be turned into hell and all nations that forget God. Your Word says that righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. Oh God wilt Thy not do it again? Wilt Thy not revive us again Oh God? That Thy people may rejoice in Thee. Will You not send a voice? Will You not raise up one that would cry out as one crying in the wilderness? Would You not send an anointing oh God upon a voice that would convict this world of sin and would call us unto righteousness? Oh Lord would You not do it again? Would You not stir church’s oh God? Would You not stir men of God and women of God that will stand in the gap and make up the hedge that will kneel between the porch and the alter and weep and pray and fast until God reigns down righteousness upon us? Wilt Thou not revive us? Wilt Thou not spare us? Wilt Thou not do it again oh God? We pray for that kind of revival.

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