Word of Knowledge

A Word of Knowledge

An encouraging Word of Knowledge given during the message on August 23, 2020.

“For somebody in the House right now there’s a healing touch, for somebody in this House there’s an encouragement. You’ve been walking through despair, you’ve been walking through tough times. God says to you right now in the name of Jesus, that there is for you a healing for your damaged emotions, and there’s a touch for your heart and a touch for your life. For you that are downcast the Lords word to you this morning is look up for your redemption draweth nigh. The word of the Lord says to you this morning be strong of a good courage because the Lord your God hath gone before you to prepare the way. I am in your future I am in your past. I know you and I’ve called you by name. And My hand is upon you and I will stretch out My hand My arm My strong arm and My mighty hand I will stretch out toward you and I will lift you up out of the quagmire and I will give you a glorious touch of My power My Spirit and My presents and My anointing. Seek Me saith the Lord turn to Me all yee people of Mine. For I am your Source and I am your Strength. And I will give unto you the things that you desire and the things that you want and the things that you need. Be strong and be of good courage. Love Me keep My commandments live for Me be strong. And I will keep you by My great power saith the Lord.”

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