God Can Build Out of Rubble

God Can Build Out of Rubble

Keep on track, don’t faint, don’t give in. God can build out of rubble. satan will try to stop the stirring you get to follow God.

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Nehemiah 4

It is right for us to walk diligently and uprightly before God. The gospel is the inspired word of God to direct us in walking righteously before God. We have the responsibility to be truthful and instruct or live before others to get His message to all we encounter. Paul declared to have shared the whole truth.

Serve Where You Are

Nehemiah is a hero of the Old Testament who could fight when time to fight. He could shout and praise when time to bow before God. The book of Nehemiah could serve as a handbook for living rightly before God. Nehemiah, though in servitude as a slave to a non-Jewish king, was in a position of power. He set an example of how to serve God and honor those who have authority over you. He used this position to be a worker for God’s plan.

Choose Contentment Where You are

Nehemiah chose contentment in his position under the king to whom he was enslaved. He trusted God could see the big picture. God placed people in His infinite knowledge to accomplished His plan. Keep on track, don’t faint, don’t give in. God will bring about His plan.

Stay Stirred Where You Are

The king was stirred to compassion and allowed Nehemiah to visit his home. Nehemiah found great damage. He had not shared with anyone that God had laid on him the task of rebuilding the city. Nehemiah kept this to himself to keep adversaries from trying to stop the process. Satan will try to stop the stirring you get to follow God.

Persevere Where You Are

Nehemiah wanted God to get the glory for what was going to take place. Outsiders mocked the work of the Jews in rebuilding the wall and the city. Christians will be mocked and attacked for carrying out God’s work. Through our perseverance, God will get the glory for fulfilling what God has called you to. Give thanks and praise for the honor to suffer for God.

God can build out of rubble. Deep in sin we can be taken from our rubbish heap and work, and praise, and live for God. God is faithful to save when we feel beyond saving. He invites us to cast all our cares and hurts on Him. He will heal us and save us and answer our prayers.