The True Gifts of Christmas

The True Gifts of Christmas

The true gifts of Christmas are salvation, favor, blessed, and joy. These are the gifts of Christmas that are available every day of the year.

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Zacharias was visited by an angel who told him he and his wife, Elizabeth, would become parents to a son in their old age. Zacharias was struck dumb for his unbelief. He named the child John as instructed by the angel. His first words after the birth of this promised son were to praise the Lord.

A virgin named Mary was also visited and told she would conceive a son she was to call Jesus. Jesus was the great I Am. He preached, I Am the Way, I Am the Life, I Am the Bread, I Am Salvation, I Am the Light. Peter said He was the Christ. As man He was born of a virgin, as God He is all powerful.

God has true gifts of Christmas that are eternal and freely given to all who love Him.


The manger and the cross cannot be separated. The shadow of the cross was over His entire life. His birth, life, death, and resurrection led to our salvation. He sits on the right hand of God interceding for us. Because of this salvation, we have a peace the world cannot give.


The angel told Mary she was highly favored among women. Here is means grace. She had favor through God’s grace. We have a sin washed life because of God’s favor and grace. Noah found favor with God and was called to replenish the earth through God’s grace over the earth. A favorite is one who has received favor. You and I are a favorite of God because we have received His favor. The favorites get the best of the inheritance.


In Greek, blessed means happy. Great gain is gotten in contentment. Blessedness, happiness, righteousness are the gifts that do not rust or ruin. God does things for us to be blessed and happy. He provides what will keep us happy for longer than earthly treasures that do not last.


Through the birth of Christ, we were given great joy. Peace and goodwill are the gifts of that first Christmas Day. This Christmas and everyday we should be overwhelmed with the marvelous joy of the glory of the Lord. Christians need to marvel at the works of the Lord. Glory and joy will become a part of our life when we see God’s gifts as marvelous. God’s joy is everlasting.


Pub 12/17/21