How many of you have pictures of you and your siblings dressed in the same outfit? I remember seeing pictures of a whole family all dressed the same and all of them had smiles on their faces. So, when and at what age did we develop this mentality that no two can look alike? If a woman wears a new dress to church and meets another lady with the same dress, she takes her’s back and exchanges it. Men are not as bad, but we also love to be the one in a crowd in so many ways. Differences will always exist. We are all just a little different in our thinking, the way we do things, and in our opinions. God encourages us to be ONE in mind, spirit, and vision. (Psalm 133:1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!) Dwelling in unity! That doesn’t mean we all have the same opinion about everything. It doesn’t mean we are all going to agree on everything we do. It doesn’t mean that what you think or say doesn’t matter. Great ideas have come through people who have sought God for direction in their lives and in ministry. Dwelling in unity means that I am willing to put my opinion aside and become a part of the ONE. Differences in opinions in God’s family is nothing new. This devotional verse was to remind the children of God that God blesses them when they are united. Whether it’s at home, in the work place, in school, in your community, in your place of recreation, or in your church, your opinion should be just your ideas. Your opinion should never be the only way you will accept things. Where there is unity there are blessings and pleasant dwelling. The peace of unity equals power. Where there is no peace there is no power. People are different? Thank God!! Pastor Don