Times of being afraid is something we all deal with in life. Fear can come from so many different angles and often hit us without warning. Fear can be overwhelming at times. God knew we would face fears. Fear is addressed in the Bible by many different writers, so their audiences throughout history knew the […]


11-11-19 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY…VETERANS!! SPECIAL PEOPLE!! Hid among Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is one of the most important holidays we celebrate in America. Today is November 11 and it is known as Veterans Day. It is a day we honor and celebrate all those who have served our country in war and […]


Do you know what it is to have that burned out feeling about something you usually enjoy doing? For me, I have had that feeling several times with different things I was doing. I still go through times when I get that don’t care attitude about playing golf. I simply don’t care to play at […]


The Bible says that it is so much better to give than to receive. That doesn’t seem to be the mentally of our present age world. We are all about getting things and getting them as easily as we can. The person, church, ministry, or other organizations that are making a difference in the world […]


I’ve always attempted to keep my thought for the day positive and uplifting. I feel people battle so many things in life and need encouraged. I hope you can find the encouragement in this thought this morning. Commitment is a dying attribute in our modern day society. People just don’t stick with what they say […]