I have used it to hold the hem of my pants, used it for a tie tack, to hold the cuff of a shirt, to close a box, hold figurines together, and multitudes of other things. The thing with all this sticking power was marketed January 31, 1928 by 3-M Company. It is Scotch tape. How many things do you have around you right now being held together by Scotch Tape? I use it to hold sermon outlines in folders and to put notes on doors. It is strong and yet almost invisible. The Bible says that God is also invisible, yet He holds our lives together. ( 1 JOHN 4:12 NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN GOD; IF WE LOVE ONE ANOTHER, GOD ABIDES IN US AND HIS LOVE IS PERFECTED IN US.) God is able to hold those frayed ends together, put the broken parts back together, seal us with His love, and make us worthy to be put back on the mantle as one of His show pieces. God holds us all together! We are all a bunch of cracked-pots. We all need to be put back together and sealed. Pastor Don