NOVEMBER 10th…CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE!! PLEASE JUST ONE!! People will do anything and everything to get your approval, even if what they do is not right. Campaigns have just finished with candidates trying to get approval from the voters in their area. Promises have been made that will not or can not ever be fulfilled. We […]


NOVEMBER 8th…INDEPENDENT?? NOT ME!! How many of us struggle with being our own person? We were raised to provide for ourselves and not depend on anyone to get us through life. In fact, I have had a regular job since age 11, so I started young being independent. The idea of letting someone else help […]


Faithfulness and loyalty are actions that have slowly faded from our society. The days of people working for one company for a lifetime, or a person attending the same church for years are seldom found anymore. This world needs people who are faithful and who stick with it through thick and thin. A faithful person […]


There are many different perspectives when it comes to being successful in life. The world describes success as a job promotion, a bigger house, a higher dollar automobile, or being a part of an elite social circle. None of these things will bring true happiness in life. There is only one thing that allows everyone […]


Everyone wants to get to the top and be a success in life. Our strongest desire to triumph still doesn’t keep us from failing at times. Some of the most successful business people in the world went through several failures before finding success. Our failures must not derail us, they have to be used as […]


The root system of a plant is it’s lifeline. All its nutrients and water come through the roots, that’s why it’s difficult for shallow rooted plants to survive. It sprouts up and looks good, then it withers when roots don’t reach deep enough to find water and food for survival. The same is true for […]


I have played sports most of my life. The one factor that is important, regardless of the sport, is how you take your grip. In golf, archery, football, and baseball the grip is important. The grip is the anchor that allows everything else to happen naturally. In our spiritual lives, the grip is also important. […]


I have known people that always found something good to say about people even when it was hard to find. They never talked down about others. What a wonderful attribute. We have a lady in our congregation that always tells you how special you are. It’s hard for many to believe, but that is the […]