I have been reading various Thanksgiving memories this morning and I came across one that was funny. A pastor invited a young couple to his home for Thanksgiving dinner. The couple sat down at the table to find turkey, dressing, all the trimmings and desert. However, in the middle of the traditional fixings was a carry out order of Chinese food. The couple asked what that was all about. The pastor said that 23 years ago that had burned the turkey, set the kitchen on fire and almost burned down the house. When the fireman that put out the fire left, we found a place to stay that night and order Chinese for dinner. The Chinese food was a reminder of how good God was in taking care of them and sparing their home that day. The pastor said Chinese carryout has become one of our Thanksgiving traditions, to remember what a Good God we serve. (Psalms 118:1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; His steadfast love endures forever.) Mikki and I will carry on a tradition handed down through the Parker family. The gathering place has become our home since Joe & Margaret Parker have passed away. We will have the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Play games with the family. Be loud, laugh and have fun. Remember those who are no longer here to share in our tradition. And, we will give thanks for our family and for God’s blessings. Everything we have and enjoy today is all because of God’s love and favor toward us. What is your tradition? Happy Thanksgiving!! Pastor Don [image: image.png]