How many of us go from feeling great one day to feeling gloom and doom the next? How many people do you know that seem to be happy one day and the saddest person in the world the next? Emotions and feelings are ever-changing impulses of this natural, carnal nature. Emotions and feelings change without warning and can be caused by the simplest of reasons. You can loose sleep one night and it effects the next entire day. It could be something we eat, allergy time of the year, an event that happened on that particular day, even the smallest things can effect our feelings. Life is like a roller coaster, ups and downs. The thing we must learn to do is to take control of our feelings and emotions. We have to learn to give them to God every day. If we allow our emotions to constantly control us, then we can not live the life God wants us to live. (Romans 8:8 Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God.) Asking God to help us handle our emotions and feelings will prevent us from saying or doing things on our bad days that we will regret doing later on. You have to own your feelings, know when the bad days arrive and determine you are not going to let a bad day control you. You are a child of the King and you are bigger and stronger than anything life can throw your way. If we learn to trust God, use self-control, then you will begin to see things differently very soon. Pastor Don [image: See the source image]