I hope all of the fathers heard the words, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY by now from all those who love and appreciate you. The key word that I take with me from yesterday is happy. I enjoyed the well wishes from my children, grandchildren, and friends. I have so much to be happy about in my life. I have a great family, a great church, great friends, and a comfortable place to live. I see other people with more possessions than I own in this world and they seemingly never are happy. I believe that happiness is something God offers to all of us. It is our choice whether or not we choose to accept His gift. (Ecclesiastes 5:19 Moreover, when God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ablility to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil, this is a gift of God.) You are as happy as you choose to be. Happiness is a choice! If you’re not happy now, you’re not going to be happy later. Happiness has nothing to do with your circumstances. It has everything to do with your attitude. If you’re not happy living on what you’re living on right now, I can guarantee you that you’re not going to be happy with any more, because you’re always going to want a little bit more. Happiness is a choice. Choose to enjoy what God has given you right now for your enjoyment! Pastor Don [image: image.png]