The first few minutes of your day are most important. The mindset that you begin your day will have a huge effect on the way things for for you today. How many times have you made the statement, “If I don’t get this ____ I am going to be unhappy.” There are people this morning who put such demands on their day in order for them to be happy. Satan has prepared their thinking ahead of time to be unhappy and unsatisfied regardless of what happens today. Many people refuse to be happy unless they get everything just the way they want it. My Bible reading for today talked about the important part that you hold in the way your day goes. Most people don’t want to hear that because they love to play the victim part and long for sympathy from those around them. The Bible tells us that we need to renew our expectations for today by beginning it with praise to God. (Psalm 33:1 Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise him.) Instead of preparing ourselves to be upset, we can prepare ourselves to be at peace. If we believe that God is in control of everything in this world, then we have to believe that He knows what we will be facing today. The way we approach our lives makes all the difference in the quality of life we can have. When we can’t fix life, let’s remember that we can fix our approach toward it. Pastor Don