We often ask God to direct our lives, or guide us through some important decisions we have to make. We pray and believe God is capable of doing what we ask Him to do. How does God speak to us and allow us to know the direction to go, or the decision we need to make. We often don’t even hear when God speaks to us because He speaks through various ways. (Job 33:14 For God does speak, now one way, now another, though no one perceives it.) God has spoken to me through the Holy Spirit and given me direction and answers. God speaks to me through the Bible each day and directs my steps. God’s will is found in his Word. God has spoken to me through godly teachers and preachers. Have you sat in a service and thought the messenger was speaking straight to you? That was God speaking straight to you. God speaks through other Christians. I’ve had some of my greatest inspiration through the words of another believer. God also speaks through us through our circumstances. What you are going through today may be a means God uses to speak to you. God still talks to people today. The problem is we are so preoccupied that often we don’t hear Him when he speaks. The events going on in our world today should speak to us of how close we are to the rapture. We all need to clear our air waves and give God the opportunity to speak directly to us. Can you hear God today? Pastor Don [image: image.png]