You Can Pray That Way

You Can Pray That Way

The Bible tells us to enter His house with praise, but He also said call upon on me in your distress. You can pray that way.

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About 57 of the Psalms of the Bible are lament psalms. God cares when we sing and pray lament to Him. The Bible tells us to enter His house with praise, but He also said call upon on me in your distress. God is all right with you coming into His presence and telling Him your heart and soul are troubled. You can tell Him you are on your last step. You can pray that way.

God has many designations. I think the best is that He is our Father. We should pray “our Father”. He views us as community. He lifted all of us out of death by His son Jesus. Psalm 77 is about crying out to God. It’s always right to pray. It is an act of obedience to pray.

Psalm 77:1-3

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. Hardship and sadness and loss that sometimes feels unending can be hard to carry and can test our faith. Job carried much loss and pain and remained faithful to God. God knew Job was an upright man. God knows us. He knows our heart. He knows our heart and our strength much better than we know ourselves.

Psalm 77:4-9

Being steadfast is a wonderful and commendable thing. This faithfulness doesn’t mean He will answer our prayers the way we ask. God always answers our prayers. Sometimes He answers yes. Sometimes He answers no. Sometimes the answer is wait. God knows the future. He has a plan that we can’t understand. He has gifts and treasures we can’t imagine in the long game.

There is a formula for praying to God in Psalm 50:14-15:

  1. Offer thanks
  2. Pay your vows/honor God with your life
  3. Call upon God

Emotion can cause us to say/pray things we can’t live up to. Emotions change. Don’t make permanent decisions about a temporary situation. Feelings can fool you take you in a wrong direction. Even our prayers should be for the glory of God. James said the fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much.

Psalm 77:10-12

Stay in the realm of prayer until you see the work of God. Pray your prayer until you have reached God. Oldtimers say to pray through. They say to pray until you have prayed. Persevere in your prayers. He touches people that pray that way. Prayer can move the hand of God. If it is of God, nothing can stop it.