Last spring I was cutting grass on my riding lawn mower with my cell phone clipped on my belt. I was expanding my yard and cutting high grass. I was cutting a rough area when I heard a loud clang from the mower deck. I backed up to see what I hit and there lying on the ground face up was my cell phone. The case it was in promised to protect my phone regardless of what happened and it’s promise was true. I got off the mower, retrieved my phone, and not a scratch on it. Wouldn’t it be great if we trusted Gods promises in the same way. (Luke 1:37 For no word from God will ever fail.) God is able to protect us from anything live can send our way. (Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble.) It doesn’t matter what you are facing today, God is our protection. When we place our lives in God’s hands and live on God’s promises, our lives are safe. Isn’t it wonderful to know that life has no control over you? You are in God’s protecting hand. Pastor Don