God is Our Great Shepherd

God is Our Great Shepherd

We are sheep that need God as our great shepherd. God remains faithful and just and will comfort and care for us.

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It is said that all things work through the sovereignty of God. Belief in this sovereignty requires action. God chose to show Himself through Jesus. And we can show the love of God through our lives. Furthermore, the Word of God is the light that instructs us how we are to live our life.

Only God can fill our emptiness

There are 3 books of the Bible that begin with no explanation. Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1 both begin with “In the beginning”. Likewise the book of Hebrews in a matter of fact way begins with “God”. God made us with a worshipping purpose. We have a vacuum until we realize the only Jesus can fill that emptiness. Then we live in a place where we want more of God. More righteousness. More fulfillment. More purpose. Whatever we have need of He will fill that need. This world will try to satisfy that longing. Only Jesus can satisfy our soul.

God is not restricted to a safe place

Sometimes God will test us. Abram was constantly tested. Job met his tests with great faith. Jesus was tested in the wilderness. The wilderness is a very tough place. Three large religions see Jerusalem as a place of refuge from wilderness places.

God is not restricted to a place. God is our great shepherd. He manages all our needs as a shepherd prepares for all the needs of their flocks. David describes this in great detail in Psalm 23. Like shepherds, God knows when we are weak, when we need to avoid circumstances. He knows when we need sustenance. He tends to His sheep with great faithfulness.

God is our great shepherd

God knows everyone of us by name. He knows every situation of our lives. He has His hand extended and knows each of us as we come and go. God keeps His hand of protection and guidance on us at all times. God is a caring and loving God Who knows our every concern.

We must know our shepherd’s voice and not follow any other. We can follow Him with complete faith in His care. Though His Word, we will know His voice and can follow Him as our great shepherd.


Pub 3-26-23