We all need a place to get away from our problems at times. Even Jesus went to a secluded place to pray about the events of his life. The getaway place we choose is very important. Do you remember playing hide and seek as a child? You would hide in the same place that it took you the longest to find someone else. We thought if it worked for them, it would keep you hidden as well. Communities that are prone to disasters like tornadoes have built shelters where their residence can find safety in time of storms. They are centralized so that everyone has equal opportunity to get into them before the storm arrives. The shelters have helped to save many lives over the last few years. God has also provided for us a shelter in time of storms. God has provided a place of peace and rest when we abide in His presence. (Psalm 91:1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.) Spending time with God protects us from the attacks of our enemies. When I remember this, it helps me feel safe, and that is something we all desire. Take a moment several times a day to simply turn your attention toward the Lord and say, “I know You are with me and that You are my Protector.” Then, take a few moments to dwell in that thought and let it comfort you. There is never a moment in your life when God is not with you. It will be the greatest peace and assurance to help you through your day. Pastor Don