I continue to be amazed at the technical advances being made in this world. To a man who started this life without a television in our home as a young child, it is totally astounding to use some of the technology that has been developed in my lifetime. We have gone from no telephones in our homes as a child to a cell phone that goes with me everywhere. Automobiles that will practically drive themselves. I have computers and WiFi in my house that I use daily to post devotionals and read FB posts that you and others write. Knowledge has increased beyond my comprehension. Wireless printing, WiFi, are terms used for connection without physical attachment. Don’t understand all of it, but, there is an unseen signal between two points. I have faith it will work. I have evidence that it works because I am typing this devotion. The Holy Spirit is our connection to God. I don’t understand it all just yet, I don’t see the connection, but I know it is there. (Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.) I have faith it works. I know it works because of the evidence. Everyday I make sure that my connection is clear before I start my day. I read the Bible and prayer every morning before I do anything else. It is a connection that is available to everyone through faith. If you don’t have that connection today, get started now. Just ask, your connection is free. One thing for sure is that I NEVER WANT TO BE DISCONNECTED!! Pastor Don [image: image.png]