Anointing of Jesus

Anointing of Jesus

The anointing of Jesus with perfume by a woman while He is at a dinner held in His honor is told in the books of John, Matthew, Luke, and Mark.

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Four Accounts

The four accounts differ in some details but it is believed they all may tell of the same event. This event is the account of a woman’s act of worship. Worship is the ultimate act in meeting Jesus. This woman was determined to meet Jesus and worship Him.

Anointed for Worship

In the account in Luke, the woman is described as a sinner. She found out that Jesus was going to be in this house. In one account, it tells that this woman wept over Jesus’s feet and dried them with her hair and then in anointing Jesus she poured an alabaster pot of perfume onto his head. In another, she poured the perfume onto His feet. God intends to anoint your head and your feet in order that our thoughts and our activities should bring glory to God.

Her Most Precious Gift

This woman took all that she had and carried it to Jesus as an act of humility and desire to be made a new creature. She broke the box in order that it couldn’t be used again for this purpose. She wanted it to be a symbol that no one could ever do for her what Jesus had. This woman wanted to leave what she brought with Jesus never to be picked up and carried out again. She went against what some may have thought of her. She risked it all to worship Jesus.

John 12

Mark 14

Matthew 26

Luke 7