Worship Through the Pain

Worship Through the Pain

A commitment to worship through the pain is designed for the gifts you have already received and the gifts He is working out for you.

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1 Samuel 1:1-11

God made a covenant with Abraham and his children. God promised to bless those that bless His people and curse those that curse them. By spiritual new birth, we have been adopted into His family. We have a calling and a purpose on our lives as children adopted into the family of God.

First Samuel opens with the story of Elkanah and his family. He had two wives. His wife Peninnah’s name means beauty and Hannah’s name means favor. This family was chosen to replace the disfunction and dishonesty happening in the temple under the priests serving there. Elkanah’s name means zeal and enthusiasm. But this family had problems of their own.

Peninnah had children, but Hannah had no children. However, Peninnah was jealous and malicious. Elkanah worshipped yearly in Shiloh. He would take his family when he went to worship and offer sacrifice. This was a hard time to worship with the evil happening in the temple.

Elkanah gave a portion to sacrifice to Peninnah and her sons and daughters. but to Hannah he gave a double portion. The Bible says he loved Hannah. He gave her a portion to worship for what God had done and a portion to worship God for what He was going to do. Peninnah continued to provoke and cause Hannah to fret. Hannah became greatly grieved.

Hannah prayed and wept before the Lord. She promised the Lord that if He would grant her a male child she would give him to God all the days of his life. The answer to her prayer was Samuel. Samuel means God has heard.

Elkanah and Hannah made a commitment to worship and praise God regardless of the circumstances. First, give your life and heart to God. Then commit to worship and serve God come what may.