Walk With Jesus to the Finish Line

Walk With Jesus to the Finish Line

We are instructed in scripture to walk like Jesus walked. We can always find Him in His Word. Even in the wilderness He can be found.

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The Lord Jesus is the embodiment of God the Father. Jesus said if you have seen me, you have seen the Father. We are instructed in scripture to walk like He walked. The Bible says the steps of a good man are ordered by God. We can walk with Jesus to the finish line.

Mark 1:7-13

In the book of Mark, there are descriptions of Jesus. First, Jesus said there was never a greater man born to a woman than John the Baptist. He was the first cousin of Jesus, was filled by the Holy Ghost before birth, and was the one to baptize Jesus. The Holy Ghost was present at the baptism of Jesus as He was at the meeting of Elizabeth and Mary as John and Jesus were still in the womb.

Many of the stories of Jesus have the underlying thought that our best course of action is to make sure we are in step with Him. As a child, He was left in the temple when His parents traveled on for several days. We need to keep up with Jesus. We need to follow Him. The Bible doesn’t tell more about His childhood than that. But we can use this as an example to continue to look for Jesus even when we don’t seem to know where He is. We can always find Him in His Word. And we all need a place where we meet Him. A place of prayer and seeking His will and grace for our situations and trials and to worship.

A Designated Spot

The place where Jesus was baptized was also the place where God led Joshua to take the children of Israel across into the promised land of Canaan. It is also the place where God came down to meet Elijah and opened the waters for he and Elisha. Elijah was taken to heaven in this same place.

In the baptism of Jesus, He was totally immersed into the water. We baptize as a way to lower ourselves in humility. We die to ourselves and our flesh to proclaim servanthood to God. Upon rising we take on the sanctification of the Holy Ghost.

At the baptism of Jesus, we have the fullness of the Godhead. The heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended, God spoke, and Jesus was announced as the Son of God.

Jesus was then immediately driven into the wilderness. Angels ministered to Him. Wilderness experiences are not necessarily meant as punishment. Jesus returned from His wilderness experience in the power of the Spirit went immediately to the temple to preach.

Walk With Jesus to the Finish Line

Wilderness experiences are where God teaches us and trains us and prepares us for His plan. God has given angels charge to minister to us. We are all going into the wilderness, in the wilderness, or coming out of the wilderness. We we come out we will be walking in the power of the Spirit. He is sufficient in our wilderness. Walk with Jesus to the finish line.