How often do we find ourselves comparing what we do with what others are able to do? As a young minister, I often found myself comparing my preaching to that of other preachers. I compared the way I pastor to the way other pastors handled things. As a golfer, I often compare my game to another golfer’s game. The success in my game is built on things entirely different than the way other golfers find success. The truth in life is that we are all different. There is no one right way to live life. You are going to be good at some things and not others. Others are going to do things better than you in some areas, but, that doesn’t mean you are wrong. You just are not gifted in that area. God gave each of us ability and we should find satisfaction in doing them well. (Romans 12:6 And having gifts differing according to the grace given to each of us, if your gift is prophesying, then prophecy in accordance with your faith.) At some time or another, I think we all fall into the trap of wondering why we are not like others we know or why we don’t have the same experiences they do, but it is a trap, and a very dangerous one. We are caught in a snare set by Satan when we enter into spiritual competition and comparison, and we become dissatisfied with what God is giving to us. We should trust that God will do the best thing for each of us and let Him choose what that is. If we trust God in this way, we can lay aside our fears and insecurities about ourselves. Be who God made you to be and be satisfied. Pastor Don [image: image.png]