How many of you know people who pray long prayers? I grew up in a church where the pastor would ask one of the members to pray the dismissal for the services. There were some you loved to hear prayer, because they were short and to the point. There were some that prayed for everything in the world before praying for the occasion they had been asked to pray for. Everything else needed prayer, it was just it seemed unusually long to children who wanted to be outside quickly. We had a minister friend who would kneel on the floor of the restaurant and pray for five minutes to bless the food we had ordered. People often think that they have to pray for a long time for their prayers to be effective. I found in reading what Jesus prayed, that he often used short, quick, and powerful prayers. (John 11:41-43 ….Father, I thank you that you have heard me. 42. I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing, that they may believe that you sent me. 43…..Lazarus, come out!) Don’t misunderstand what I am saying because I have had times that I prayed for long periods of time over things that were happening in my life. I have prayed in an altar for long periods of time with people who were trying to have a breakthrough. There is nothing wrong with long prayers, but you can touch the Throne of God with short, simple, quick prayers that move the hand of God. I have learned that some of the most powerful, effective prayers I can pray are things like, “Thank You, Lord,” or “Give me strength to keep going, Lord.” And perhaps the most powerful of all: “Help!!!” See? Just a few words will connect us with heaven, and God will know how much we love Him simply because we turn our thoughts toward Him. If you have thought your prayers had to be long in order to be effective, I hope you have now been relieved of that burden. Just one word spoken to Him in faith from a sincere heart can reach His heart and move His hand. Pastor Don