Do you know what it is to have that burned out feeling about something you usually enjoy doing? For me, I have had that feeling several times with different things I was doing. I still go through times when I get that don’t care attitude about playing golf. I simply don’t care to play at times. It doesn’t mean that I can’t still play fairly well, it simply means that I don’t have that drive to play. I have gone through periods of burn out in ministry. However, in ministry I’ve found that my burn out feeling came after long battles with issues or people. God says that there are ways for us to avoid these feelings. (Romans 12:11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your fervor, serving the Lord.) We can overcome burn out by doing what we do purposely instead of doing it on a feeling. We can find purpose in doing our tasks by being grateful for the ability and opportunity to to it. Gratitude always stirs my inner man to do more, especially when I consider all those who don’t have the physical ability to even get up and go. A mind change is another way that I motivate myself. I look at the things I do and how they effect others instead of selfishly focusing on my own feelings. Considering what God has done for me and how what I do effects others always puts fuel back in my tank to keep going and doing. Being burned out is not a sin, but staying in that mindset keeps you from being used of God. Don’t wait on someone else to jump-start you, motivate yourself to get going today. Pastor Don