Onward Not Finished

Onward Not Finished

Keep following in the steps of God’s order and purpose, The narrow path with the straight gate will lead you to a home in heaven.

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The Bible says Moses was the meekest man on earth. Moses is supposed as the author of Deuteronomy, so he was professing himself as the humblest man known. This came when the children of Israel in the desert were frustrated and angry with Moses and their predicament. God was taking them to the promised land, but he took them in the opposite direction to get there. They became angry with the conditions, the lack of water, the lack of food, the lack of bread. When God gave them these things, they continued to complain.

In Deuteronomy 34, God took Moses and the children of Israel to the mountain of Nero. He showed Moses all of the promised land from the top of the mountain. Here at the top of the mountain, showing Moses all the land that had been promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, He told Moses he would not be going into this land. Moses died there. The Bible says Moses’s eyesight and energy were still strong.

The children of Israel were completely dependent on Moses. They were comfortable with Moses going to the mountain tops for them. He would get the word from God and carry it to the people. However, sometimes while Moses was seeking God’s direction from the children of Israel they would become impatient and insecure. They would fall to what they knew while living in slavery in Egypt. God threatened to destroy them all and let Moses begin again. Moses defended God’s reputation as a God of peace and compassion and forgiveness. He changed God’s mind by telling Him the surrounding peoples needed to depend on His reputation. He told God it was important that He get the glory and praise for the success of the children of Israel.

At Moses’s death, being still strong and healthy, the children of Israel wept and mourned for 30 days. At the end of the mourning, Joshua, having been ordained by Moses to carry on in his place, is said to be full of the spirit of wisdom. The children of Israel took to Joshua and accepted him as God commanded. They accepted it was time to carry on. As good pilgrims, they had to move on.

It’s time to move onward. Have we got it figured out? No, but we have to get going. Do we know what its goanna be like when we get there. No, but we have to get going. We’re not finished. Let’s go onward. Offer to God what is left in you and walk forward in His strength.