There was a popular bracelet worn a short time ago that WWJD on it. The letters stood for WHAT WOULD JESUS DO and many displayed them on their arms. If you ask people if they are Christians, many will respond with where they attend church and what their beliefs are. Being a Christian goes far beyond knowing a doctrine of a local church of denomination, and attending it’s services, it is a way of daily, practical living that comes from understanding the ways and purposes of God. (Proverbs 4:11 I will instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.) When we live our lives in this way, we constantly ask ourselves, what would Jesus do, in this situation? How would he talk to this person, or reach out this another individual? When these become our daily practices, we are learning the ways and purposes of God. So many people only seek God for what they can get through him. We as Christians are guilty of portraying God as a giving grandfather who wants you to have everything you ask for regardless of how you live. God gives us the desires of our heart, but, He does so as he instructs us in the way of wisdom and leads us along straight paths. Search for that deep understanding of God’s ways. Ask God for wisdom and leadership in your life and you will display WWJD in your daily life. Christianity is not just something we do in Church, we live it everyday! Pastor Don [image: image.png]