Lessons at Life's Bitter Pools

Lessons at Life’s Bitter Pools

The Lord uses the lessons at life’s bitter pools to reveal His character more fully to His children. God will show us that He is on His throne and He is in control.

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Very often learning lessons is a bitter experience. It is also true that experience is the best teacher. You can tell a child repeatedly that fire is hot, but they never really get it until they have been burned. The children of Israel in Exodus 15 are fresh from a great spiritual victory. They have been delivered from slavery, witnessed God destroying their enemies, and have been promised a new life in a new land. After 3 days of travel escaping Egypt, they have been without water and come to a place of bitter water. They learned lessons at life’s bitter pools are God’s way to shape us into His image.

Bitterness can teach some lessons about life. Without some bitter times, we do not have the opportunity to know the character of God. He can make sense of any mess. The key is learning not to kick, but to rest in His power and to allow him to have His way in your life.

A. Life is a mixture.

Life offers blessings and challenges. Through it all we are made perfect through His grace. Walking by faith and depending on prayer will allow us the power to send a mountain of bitterness into the sea.

B. Life has a master.

In the bitter times we tend to forget that God is the Master of life in both the good times and the bad. Through the good and the bad, God is still on His throne and He is still in control.

C. Life has a ministry.

God uses both the good times and the bad to minister to us. He uses all the times of life to shape us in His image.