I walked through the men’s section of a department store looking for a shirt. I looked at so many that I did not like and would not wear. I finally found one that suited me and my taste, so I purchased it. As I read my Bible reading this morning, I was reminded the efforts we put in life to not be like one another. We often want to dress, live, look, and work differently so we can be identified in a certain way. I found it very interesting in my Bible reading how Jesus preached the same message to everyone. (Ephesians 2:17 He came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near.) Jesus preached the same message to the Gentiles that he preached to the Jews. The peace that works in one life will work in another. Have you ever felt like you were on the outside looking in, like you didn’t belong or were not welcome to come before God. Maybe you don’t know if there is a God, or searching to find your place. That’s the way Satan wants you to feel. Satan hopes your feelings of inferiority and incompleteness will cause you to think you are alone and isolated. Christ came to destroy your doubts and open the door for you to find life in Him. Paul tells us that we are all one in Christ. So, go ahead and purchase those clothes that fit your eye, but be thankful you don’t have to search for salvation that fits you. Jesus died for ALL our sins, Jesus is Savior of ALL the world. The message that reaches your heart is the same message that has reached every other heart….Jesus loves you!! Pastor Don