God is Always Worth the Wait

God is Always Worth the Wait

God rewarded David with more than the wait was. God and his purpose and promise for you is always worth the wait. 

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God uses the relationship of sheep and shepherds often to instruct us show us the relationship we must have in a pastor and our relationship with Jesus. God chooses men to shepherd us. Saul was chosen as the first earthly king. Saul was a strong physical choice and began well and in the service of God. He eventually was rejected by God for his choices to become out of step with God.

God grieved over Saul’s downfall because God wants us all to fulfill our purpose designed by Him. David followed Saul and was a less obvious choice to be king. God chose a man who was a shepherd.

David expressed his wide range of emotions and fears in psalms and songs. He also expressed his successes and failures. David’s songs were a great comfort to King Saul before David was able to take his place as king. However, Saul was not able to hold his emotions and through jealousy eventually began to seek David’s life.

It is true, however, that God will not allow you to tear down a person chosen by God. God places people in leadership and God will be the one to remove them. David found himself in a city of refuge seeking safety from Saul. Here he was this time anointed by the elders of Israel to be their king.

It took 17 years of learning strength before David actually fulfilled the call God put on him. David literally fought a lion. Another time he fought a bear. Still another time he fought a giant. David then reigned for over 40 years. God rewarded him with more than the wait was. God is always worth the wait.