King David made quite a statement when he said “I lack nothing” with God as my shepherd. In a recent memorial service for a great lady, one of her family members recited the 23rd Psalm. Of all the verses, memories, testimonies, and expressions of love that was shared, the words of this verse said it all. (Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.) If you know the promises of God in these verses, you can live your life with the triumph of faith, and the hope of a future. Here are God’s promises in the 23rd Psalm. God will meet all my needs; there’s no reason to worry. 1.God will help me rest and find peace. 2. God will refresh and replenish me when I am drained. 3. God will guide me to make right decisions. 4. God will be with me on my dark and fearful days. 5. God will protect me and keep me safe. 6. God will support me, even if I am surrounded by conflict. 7. God will give me his favor. 8. God will fill me with more blessing than I can imagine. 8. God will secure my future and take me to heaven one day. Everybody needs what God has to offer. But are you looking for it in all the wrong places? Many people expect these needs to be met by their careers, bank accounts, friendships, romantic relationships, children, or family. God is saying to you, “No, I’m it.”God is the only source to find the life we are truly seeking. The biggest cause of stress in your life is the lack of focusing on God’s goodness. When you choose to trust in God’s goodness, you’ll be able to face your struggles with hope and renewed faith. Pastor Don