The value the world places on their possessions is based on the price tag that it carries. What is the most expensive, or the most valuable thing you possess? Your home? Your automobile? Land or property? Each one of us may give a different answer to the question. Did you work to achieve what you now own or was it handed down to you? Is it worth what you paid for it or has your investment lost value since you’ve owned it. Consider this: The most expensive possession we as children of God have is grace. It’s absolutely free to all who come to Jesus in faith, yet, it cost God’s Son his life. Has our grace been worth the investment to God? (1 Corinthians 6:20 You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.) When you consider what Jesus has done for us and the high price He paid for the grace we received, how do we respond? We must show gratitude. The one way we can be a good investment for God is to make our lives count. Let others see God in and through your actions and responses toward them. God didn’t give His Son so we could go on living like we please. God gave Jesus so He could redeem us, give our lives a purpose, and use us to show others His Grace. Your Grace was expensive! Have you been worth God’s investment? Pastor Don [image: image.png]