We all know people who’s mood changes almost every time you see them. You never know how to approach them or what to say. My best friend had a dog years ago that was just as moody. One time the dog was friendly, you could pet it and it was fun to have around. The next time the dog would growl and act like it had never met you before and didn’t want you around. I’ll be honest, I am not one who enjoys dealing with people who change daily. I am so glad that Jesus is not like that. He is the same every day when we approach him. What he did for others, he will do for you. (Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.) If someone asked you what you liked most about serving God, what would your answer be? There are several answers to that question, such as the fact that He died for me and paid my sin debt so I could be set free. He rose again on the third day and ascended back to the Father to make intercessions for you and me. One of the things I appreciate most about serving God is that He never changes, His Word never changes, and His plan for our lives never changes. God is the constant Shepherd in Psalm 23 who is our all in all each day. You can be confident that He is still in love with you and desires your love for Him today. Jesus is constant! His love, power, and desires for you never changes. Pastor Don [image: image.png]