How frustrating is it to try to call someone and they will not answer? I’m bad about not answering a call that I do not know. I receive so many telemarketing and robo calls on my cell phone that I just about will not answer unless I recognize the number. There are calls that I probably need to answer that go unanswered because I don’t recognize who they are. God tells us to call on Him and He will answer. God has never received a call from a person He does not know. He always answers when you call. (Isaiah 30:19 For the people shall dwell in Zion at Jerusalem; thou shalt weep no more; he will surely be gracious unto thee at the voice of the cry; when he shall hear, he will answer thee.) What a thought! God always hears us when we call out to Him. God already knows what we need when we call Him. God always has the solution to our problem when we call Him. Then why don’t we call on Him more often. He hears our call for our needs and He hears our call for the needs of others. I thought about the many times we ask people to raise their hand if they have a prayer request and hands go up all over the house. To think that God knows everyone of those needs and has the supply to meet all those needs is awesome. What a mighty God we serve! Call Him today. He is waiting to hear from you. Pastor Don [image: image.png]