We are identified by the people we spend time with. Good or bad, we are influenced by the people we allow in our lives. We provide tee shirts to our children who attend Kidsfest each year as a sign they have participated. Each player on a team wears a uniform that identifies them as one of the players. I love to see families wearing tee shirts that are all the same for family reunions and other special outings. The shirts are our identification that we are part of the group. We are known by what is on the shirt. God says that His “TEAM” should be identifiable. People should be able to look at us and know we are part of God’s team. (John 13:35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.) Our badge of identification is far more than writing a post on Facebook every day, singing a gospel song, or even attending church on Sunday. It is being the same kind of caring person Jesus was when He was on earth. People should be able to read our label and know we are disciples of Jesus. They should be able to see our love and concern and know that we belong to God. The world is looking for something to believe in, something real, something tangible. They are looking for love, and God is love. Many people have gone to church looking for God and instead have been met with rules and regulations of religion, and not even so much as a friendly smile. They left without encountering God. Countless people are hungry for God and God needs us to be His ambassadors representing Him in every way, starting with His trademark characteristic, which is love. Pastor Don