Ascend and Remain in His Presence

We don’t live, dance, preach, praise, walk for anyone but the Lord. Our worship is to glorify the one true God.

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If you’re going to do something significant for God you need to make sure the blessing of God in on you. We moved out from under the curse and darkness of sin and into the light and presence of God. As long as God gets the glory, He will be favorable to us. We are commanded to do all things with thanksgiving to Him. The same God with you on the mountaintop is the same God who will be with you in the valley. The Lord inhabits the praises of His people. Jesus promised His presence would never leave us. He has been with us past, present, and future. Apart from His presence we can accomplish nothing.

Psalm 91:1 says those who live, abide, reside, remain, dwell in the shelter of His presence will find rest. This is not referring to a temporary stop for a moment of refreshing. The righteous should run to the shelter of God. In His shelter, we are saved. In His shadow, is protection from the unexpected troubles of the world.

The devil will despise your praise. He will tell you lies about your praise. David in 2 Samuel 6 was ridiculed for his praise. He proclaimed His praise wasn’t for man but for the Lord. His praise was unashamed and unhindered. Our worship should be to God alone without fear of what man says.