A couple days ago, the lottery was growing pretty large again and the news showed people buying tickets. People were hoping for that infamous, “GET RICH QUICK.” One man was asked about winning the lottery of that size and he replied, It would be a life changer. I can hear people right now saying “I wish I had ____, my life would be better.” Would your life really be better if you had what you asked for? My Bible reading this morning talked about how each of us could live a happy life and have the things that bring joy into our lives. (Psalm 37:4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.) I can hear people right now talking about all the good they could and would do if they had the sum of money the lottery was offering. But even with the ability to do so much good, your life would have to change so abruptly that you may not like what happened. We need to find the place God has for us in the world, excel in that place, and watch the satisfaction level rise to new heights in our life. One of the ways that I have found God speaks to me is through the desires He places in my heart, and then He gives us those desires. It is a place of satisfaction that nothing else the world has to offer can match. We have become so accustomed to asking for natural desires such as success, finances, nice homes, cars, and good friends that we have left out asking for spiritual things. We need to desire to know God more intimately, to desire to produce spiritual fruit, and develop a love to serve God and glorify Him with our lives. When our desires change, the satisfaction level in life will also change. Pastor Don [image: image.png]