Who is God?

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Who is God? God is the creator of everything, and He is our Abba father that watches over us.  He cares for us, and He wants a relationship with us.

The Personhood of God

God is a person. His name is Yahweh. He has plans, feelings, emotions and a personality.  God has eyes that are over the righteous and ears that that are cupped to their cry. He has hands that are not shortened that they cannot save.  God is a spirit that connects with us spiritually, and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24).

God sits upon the circle of the earth outside of time and space, and is not bound by either. He dwells in the eternal now, in a place so glorious that no creature can approach unto.

The Attributes of God

God is our father and our maker. He is trustworthy and reliable and he is unchanging. God is a sovereign king and ruler. He rules over all kingdoms of this world. He is holy, just, loving, and rich in mercy.