Relentless in Faith

Relentless in Faith

 Proclaim in Jesus name that you are an overcomer. God is our victor. He proclaims you are a winner.

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Promise for Belief

We are perilous times in our country and world. God’s word will provide the peace of spirit and wisdom to meet these times with courage. We can be relentless in faith in God that He will be our champion. The church needs to be at our best avoiding the schemes and devices of the devil. It is up to the church to be bold and take a strong stand for what we believe. Catastrophic destruction will follow where God is discarded. God’s word says those whose name isn’t written in the Book of Life will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. It also says believers will rise to see the Lord.

That Blessed Hope

Paul grieved over the divisiveness in Corinth where he had preached and baptized people. False teachers deceived them into questioning that Christ would return and take believers to Heaven to live eternally with Him. We should be continually looking for that blessed hope of Jesus’s return.

We Win

God is on our side. With Jesus on our side, we win. No report, no diagnosis, no outlook can overcome the message from God that we win. He always causes us to triumph. His resurrection is the proof of our victory. His death secured our success. In His absence, the comforter, the Holy Spirit, came and will remain with us until that day we join Christ.

Jacob was relentless in his faith and refused to let go until he received a blessing from God. Genesis 32:22-31 tells the story Jacob’s of relentless faith in God. Declare that you will have relentless faith. Declare Joshua 24:15b, “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

Pub 10/16/22