Pursuing the Promises

Pursuing the Promises

God positions you in a higher priority than your own personal preferences. God uses the no’s to bring you to a greater yes.

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Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians chapter 10 that the things that are recorded about God leading His people from 400 years of slavery in Egypt are preserved records of divine yes’s and divine no’s. Moses led the people in the same manner as Christ leads the church. God is still directing us toward a promise.

The first 4 verses tell us of God’s divine yes’s. Paul retells the experiences of the deliverance from the bondage, passing through the Red Sea, and the provision of manna and water from the rock. Paul says Jesus is the Rock for us providing deliverance from the cloud of today’s human condition and the sea of sin that can overwhelm.

Free from this cloud and the sea does not free you from the call and purpose God has for you. He gave Moses 10 commandments that set out how we are to treat Him and each other as people who have been freed from sin and death. With the challenge He has given us in our purpose comes His promise.

Lifting up the Lord Jesus is the business of every believer, every church, every missionary, for by this lifting of the Savior Jesus said, “I will draw all men unto Me.” God’s angel is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is God’s messenger. he is God’s answer and God’s zeal that will perform all the will and purpose of God in the world. He is the Rock from which God gives water. He is the bread that is come down form Heaven. He is the blessed vine that gives us life. He is the fountain of life, the well-off salvation. He is God’s bagel that goes before us.

Jesus goes before us in life. He goes before us in suffering. He goes before us in prayer. He goes before us in battle. He goes before us in death. He goes before us in resurrection. He goes before us into Heaven and He goes to prepare a place for us so that some day where He is we can be also. He is the pioneer of our faith and the captain of our salvation. To Him be glory in the church both now and forever more.


Pub 9/11/22