Pursue Life in Christ

Pursue Life in Christ

The Bible calls us peculiar and one of a kind. You have a priceless, durable, and rare soul given to us by God that will never die or cease to exist. You will decide where it will exist.

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A good work is obedience to the call and purpose God preordained for you. If we do not do what was intended for us, it is not necessarily a good work. We all have a call on our lives from God. There is an anointing upon us all to do that specific gift God has put on our life. We should pursue God to discover that gift given to each of us. God rewards those that seek Him. Do you know Him better than you know anybody else?

In Ephesians 2, Paul begins by addressing those who have passed from death of sin into life with Christ. We all have walked in this darkness. BUT GOD, while we were in sin made us alive in Christ. Not by works, but by His mercy have we received this life with Him. We have been raised up with Christ as a chosen and peculiar people to sit with Him. He has given us an inheritance.

Ephesians 2:1-6