We live in a ME FIRST society and it seems to get worse each day. The saying of the day for most people is to take care of #1 first and let everything and everyone else fall where they may. We love to have the spotlight shine on us, be the center of attention, and receive all the credit for things accomplished. Jesus taught us to do right the opposite. We are to love other people, promote them above ourselves, and honor them above our own accomplishments. (Romans 12:10 Be devoted to one another in love; Honor one another above yourselves.) Putting others first requires some adjustment in our mindset. It means to allow others to shine above us or for others to get the best of something. It means to put our jealousy and egos in check and not allow ourselves to think we are missing out when others are promoted and honored. It could be as simple an act as allowing others ahead of you in the checkout line, giving someone the last bargain at the store, opening the door and letting others go before you at a restaurant. Each time we allow others to go first we make a mental adjustment. We have decided that second is not bad, especially when you promote others with love. We don’t just need to learn to allow others to be honored and promoted above ourselves, we need to learn to rejoice for them and maintain a good attitude. Show some love! Pastor Don [image: image.png]