How many remember taking a wrong turn during a trip you were taking? What did you do? In the years prior to GPS, Pastor Irwin and I played golf in Greenville, Alabama. When we left the course we turned left instead of right at the entrance and drove for about 20 minutes. We were talking and suddenly realized that our surroundings were not what they were supposed to look like. We had to make a u-turn and go back where we started and go the other direction. I am so thankful God allows us to return to our places of bad decisions and start our journey over. (Colossians 2:14 Having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross.) We all blow it from time to time. Living for God is a guilt-free life, but it is not a mistake-free like. If it were not for God’s Grace and Mercy, the Bible would have been a pretty short book. From Noah, the Children of Israel, David, and all our Bible heroes, they all needed Grace to allow them to start over after their mistakes. God knows we are not perfect and that we will need Grace from time to time to start our journey over. Don’t allow Satan to defeat you because of the mistakes you’ve made. Allow God to forgive them, put them under His blood, and give you Grace to continue on your journey. The world is ready to meet a Savior who turns failures into triumphs. The world wants to meet a Savior who can transform broken lives. Whatever wrong turn you’ve made with your life, stop, go back, and allow God to show you how to start over. The journey will be much more enjoyable with God as our tour guide. Pastor Don